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Porcelain Crowns in Hawthorne, NJ

Dr. Victor Rosenson, DDS, and his staff at Hawthorne Dental Associates in Hawthorne, NJ, perform dental crown procedures that repair decayed or broken teeth. Also known as caps, crowns are placed on an injured tooth to restore the tooth's health and ability to function properly. During a consultation, we'll decide if a crown or a more conservative option is the right solution for you.

Restoring Smiles

A crown procedure involves the following steps:
• Impressions are taken and used to create a model.
• The custom-molded crown is bonded to the tooth.
• The tooth is prepared by removing some surface.
• A crown is fabricated to match shape of the tooth.

Our crowns can be made of gold, porcelain or highly durable ceramic. These materials produce stunning smiles and provide long-lasting results.

Root Canals and Dental Implants

Canal therapy, a crown is placed on the tooth as protection from a future fracture.

Also, crowns are fitted to complete a dental implant procedure, which is a treatment that replaces missing teeth. We'll insert an artificial root or implant into the jaw through osseointegration and attach an abutment. A permanent crown is attached to the abutment for strength and protection.

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Dental Crowns Just $698

Hawthorne Dental Patient Reviews: 

"Highly satisfied. I was highly satisfied with the kind of Dental Crown work that was done" Alex D. -Actual Patient 02/07/2011

"Easy visit. Appointment was on time, everything went great!"  Kathy O. -Actual Patient  06/11/2011

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