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The Best Tooth Restoration and Permanent Dentures in Hawthorne, NJ

Are you missing your natural teeth? Do you need permanent teeth replacement? Hawthorne Dental Associates in Hawthorne, NJ, replaces missing teeth with restorative dental solutions that include natural-looking dentures. Dentures are a dental treatment option that improves oral health and corrects unsightly teeth.

Teeth Replacement & Dentures

Tooth loss can be the result of dental trauma, tooth decay or gum disease. If not treated, tooth loss can severely affect proper speech, bite and chewing abilities. Dentures are custom-made prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. Based on your individual needs, dentures are designed to bond to teeth or dental implants. Dentures also support your cheeks and lips. Prolonged tooth loss that's left untreated causes the face to sag, which can age you.

Dentures in Hawthorne, NJ

Denture Basics

Dentures need to be functional and comfortable. During a consultation, we'll determine if dentures are the proper treatment option for your condition. Teeth extraction may be necessary to properly fit dentures. Dentures are made by:

• Taking jaw impressions and measurements.
• Adjusting a final denture to ensure a comfortable fit.
• Creating a model that meets your mouth's shape.

Full Dentures Just $889

Hawthorne Dental Patient Reviews: 

"Professional and Friendly. Excellent service, highest quality and friendly caring service." Daniel T. -Actual Patient 02/07/2011

"We were concerned about getting quality dentures, but at the right price. Hawhorne Dental provided both and with exceptional service too! This is the best place for Dentures in New Jersey."  Jan B. Actual Patient - 4/2011

Properly care for your dentures by rinsing, cleaning and brushing your dentures' surfaces thoroughly. Brush your gums, tongue and palate to remove plaque and stimulate tissue circulation.

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