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Root Canals in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Dr. Victor Rosenson, DDS, of Hawthorne Dental Associates specializes in root canal procedures in Hawthorne, NJ. Root canal therapy treats teeth that are suffering from deep decay, dental trauma or infection. Root canal therapy also repairs chipped or cracked teeth.

Root Canal, Endodontic Treatment

We perform endodontic procedures that treat diseased or injured teeth. Endodontics, or root canal therapy, eliminates tooth infection by removing the inside structures of a diseased tooth.

A root canal is the inner hollow tooth chamber that contains dental pulp, including nerves, tissues and blood vessels. When the pulp in your tooth is injured, it dies and can result in a cracked tooth or cavity. The pulp needs to be removed to prevent an abscess, which damages the bone.

Root Canal Procedures

Root canal treatment prevents infection from spreading, saves your tooth and restores oral health.

Our dental team will examine your teeth to diagnose severe tooth decay and infected pulp.

You may have root canal damage if you experience:
• Facial swelling.
• Extreme sensitivity.
• Severe toothache; pain while biting and chewing.

The Root Canal procedure involves:
• Removing the pulp and affected area.
• Cleaning and reshaping the root canal.
• Placing a crown over the tooth to complete the procedure.
• Entering the tooth through a small opening in the crown.
• Filling the space with a biocompatible material and cement.

Girl Getting Ready for Root Canal in Hawthorne, NJ

Root Canals Just $569

Hawthorne Dental Patient Reviews: 

"Excellent experience! Clean happy office with all the staff and the Doctor giving you the utmost attention and service. I have a root canal done and the procedure was almost pain free due to the Doctors skill and experience and making me comfortable and reassuring me it would not be a bad experience. The "tech" equipment is also wonderful. Thank you. " Jonathan T. -Actual Patient 02/03/2011

"Great Experience. I'm usually really uncomfortable at the dentist but everyone was so friendly. It was my first time at your office and I had a great experience. "  Marissa M. -Actual Patient 02/03/2011

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