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The dental practice of Hawthorne Dental Associates in Hawthorne, NJ, specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgeries that correct facial injuries and treat dental disorders. Maxillofacial surgeries include teeth extraction and cosmetic reconstructive procedures that focus on the mouth, jaw, face and skull areas.

Dental Surgical Procedures

Hawthorne Dental Associates is trained and experienced in performing oral surgeries and administering local anesthesia. Maxillofacial procedures correct the following dental problems:

• Facial Trauma and Injury
• Facial Pain and Nerve Damage
• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
• Over- and Underbites; Improper Jaw Positioning
• Facial Deformities, Including Cleft Lips and Palates

Teeth Extraction

Oral surgeries include wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are your third molars that appear between your late teen years and early twenties. As your wisdom teeth grow, they commonly impact other teeth, which causes overcrowding and tooth damage. When teeth are crowded, you're susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease and bone-destroying cysts.

Removing wisdom teeth and extracting severely damaged teeth that are beyond repair can significantly improve your oral health. Surgical tooth extraction treats:

• Dental trauma; broken or decaying teeth.
• Misaligned, useless or supernumerary teeth.
• Orthodontic complications, lack of dental space in order to align teeth.

Dentist Showing Patient Compromised Tooth in Hawthorne, NJ

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Hawthorne Dental Patient Reviews: 

"Very Good Carefree Experience. Dr. Rosenson has the latest equipment and he explains new procedures very well so that you have confidence in him. He takes the time to understand his patients." Diane K. -Actual Patient 02/21/2011

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